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Benefits of
Foster or Adoption

Our partner businesses make it even easier for you to foster or adopt from Friends Furever Animal Rescue.  

Check out the benefits that are available to our foster and adopter families

Windswept Kennels FREE grooming flyer updated.jpg

FREE Grooming

Windswept Kennels tries to give each dog a bath before being placed in a foster or adopter home, but they are also offering 1 FREE grooming for

each of the adopted dogs that were once boarded

at their Jerome facility.

PETCO LOVE 2024 Adopter Discount Flyer.jpg

Discounts on Pet Supplies

Petco Love would like to make the transition of adding a new 4-legged furry to you family a little easier.  They are offering a HUGE one-time 20% discount on all the supplies that you need for the new addition.  Check out their Vital Care membership benefits too.

Lawn Dogs promotion to foster and adopter families.jpg

Discounts on Yard Cleanup

This new small business owner The Lawn Dogs knows that owning a dog is a huge responsibility, so they are offering a discount on a service to all foster and adopter families that will lighten your to speak!  They will then DONATE a portion of your services back to the rescue organization.

Petco Love Lost Registration

Each FFAR pet that is placed in a home is microchipped to help it find its way back home, but we can all use a little help when your pet gets lost.  Register your pet with Petco Love Lost to help increase the changes of reunited with your pet. 
It's FREE, Fast, and Effective.

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